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  Ethereal Riffian band was formed in summer of 2010.

After spending several years and trying different musical styles, we have found sonic vibrations that sound in unison with our collective consciousness. Shaman’s Visions, the debut work of Ethereal Riffian, came into existence in 2011 and became the result of this long search.Exactly in a year, the next release Dkyil Khor (Sand Mandala) was added to the band’s discography. The twenty-minute meditational single was written for one of the expositions of the Arsenale-Biennale 2012 exhibition, which was devoted to the transience of time and the search of self.

The second full-length album called Aeonian is the band’s most mature work, which unites all the best talents of its members. The eponimous book merged as a result of our intention to fully disclose the ideas and concepts of this album. While working on the narrative, we realized that from now on books would become an integral part of the band’s creative work, for they let reinforce the images created by the music and inculcate them in the consciousness of our listeners.

The band’s activity has two main objectives: to compose unconventional music, which is able to expand the frames of the listener’s musical perception, and to shed light on the existence of a subtler plane, whose laws if understood properly may help to perceive the reality on a deeper level. In order to achieve the abovementioned goals, we diligently work on each new release. That is exactly why the ones who get acquainted with the creative work of our band need to be very attentive.

We sincerely hope that the message carefully integrated in our music is able to induce our listeners, and now our readers as well, to open up the new facets of existence and kindle the light of their true self, which will not dim even in the darkest nooks of Sheol.

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Aeonian" is like a trip to outter space - the space shuttle would be operated with music and the fuel would never run out because this Hungarian dude's know exactly what they do. However, it is clear, that this EP is way better than the first one - it comes with more structure and a direct line.Very good arranged songs with a lot of scenery changes, spherical and roomful atmospheric smooth riffs mixed with echoing melodies, which turn into a breaking wave of hard and thrashing riffs. The whole album is exactly up to my taste and fascinated me.Get your own album of Ethereal Riffian!!

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...I've lost the moon...

Lost Moon
Stoner/Psych Rock

Guest Review from Billy Goate of Doomed & Stoned

Lost Moon is a heavy stoner “tribal” band that originated in the 90’s with brothers Stefano and Pierluigi Paolucci, on guitars/vocals and drums, respectively. At the present review, they are a four-piece joined on bass by Adolfo Calandro, with Francesco Panarese providing percussions. Based in Rome, Italy, ‘Lost Moon’ have put out a number of albums over the years including Lost Moon (2002) and this was followed by ‘King of Dogs’ (2008).Their third record is ‘Tales From The Sun’ (2013), Lost Moon’s first release on the label Ozium Records, and will be the subject of this review. In the future, we can expect a new album later in 2014 on Lost Moon’s new label, Karma Conspiracy Records. Now, on to ‘Tales From the Sun’ 
 From the 8-track EP, three of my favorite songs were “Ransom,” “Lay Your Hands Down on Me,” and the title track, “Tales From The Sun.” All of them could achieve mainstream radio play, with a sound that is tight, focused, and pleasingly heavy. Play the title track and several things will jump out and grab you: first, the unusually strong rhythm of the bass/drums (this is where the “tribal” comes in); second, the vocals are pleasantly reminiscent of John Garcia (Vista Chino); third, the guitar whips up a storm of stoner influences from Kyuss to Dozer. This is music you take with you on a road trip or to the gym. Lost Moon’s driving beat, up-tempo guitars, and bright vocals are best appreciated on the go—and if you’re sitting still, you’ll want to be moving when you hear the hard-hitting beat the band has become known for. One other piece of advice: turn it up….LOUD. You can’t appreciate Lost Moon’s ‘Tales From The Sun’ at low volumes!


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...Fruity Interview...

Interview with Hubert(Vocals, different other instruments) 
How did you get the name „GO BANANAS“ and which goals do you personally pursue concerning the band?
 Go Bananas means to get crazy, to lose your mind just like you have been bitten by a wild monkey. When we were making up our minds to find a good and fitting band name, we asked ourselves one What does it mean to us to make music?
 The result was very clear: Music means to relax and just to lay down without obeying to any social rules. To cut a long story short, just to do whatever pops up in your mind, get rid of all the unimportant things in life and to listen to your inner inspiration!

How do most of your songs come to life?Do you have any precederues you keep to?
Mostly we get our songs out of jam sessions but also out of preconceived song structures, which have been developed by both of our guitarists, Woife and Aki. However, we do try to include influences of all our band members in order to get the right flow which satisfies the whole band. 

What are your engines, your concepts, what do you stand for with your music? 
For me, honest and handmade produced music always was one of the most important things. Music is part in every situation of my life, meaning that it does not only help me to deal with all the difficulties in it, but is also a welcoming guest which accamponies the good days in life. Therfore the most horrific thing to do would be living a life without music! Benefiting from the newest techniques and possibilities to produce music these days is kind of an engine enough to leave behind our own musical footprint. 

How did the first tour go? 
 It was a long awaited and very funny life experience which definitely none of us wants to miss! We got to meet crazy and extremely hospitable people, all of them being unique and supporting the underground music. We have to say that we are very thankful for this great tour and want to express our gratitude once again to everybody who helped us getting through our tour, even though we did not have any contracts, label or managers. 

What are the most important things to take with you whilst touring? 
Name at least 3. First of all a whole lot of sound, a whole lot of light and a lot more of fun! 

What was your first CD you have ever bought? 
You definitely do not want to know that. At that time I was very young and therefore extremely dumb, also I had next to nothing. (My taste in music is not the same anymore, and I also grew older but that is all that has changed up to now) Name 3 of your favorite bands. For me, it is very difficult to do that, as there are so many great bands and my personal taste changes every now and then. There are bands which I do not listen to in years, and suddenly once again in continuous repetition. However, I would list the all time godfathers BLACK SABBATH on the first place, followed by Monkey3, Sleeping Karma and Space Collective. I know that I have named four bands, but in my opinion three are way too few. At last I want to mention that you should enjoy every band on Vinyl or if possible even live!
Do you have any rehearsal rituals?
 Not really. Of course it is important to just get into a chilly mood, eat a few bites of whatever you like, forget about your jobs and problems and meet up with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. Only when your mind is free, the music can start to unfold! However this is a long process which sometimes can even take up to 2 hours. This is probably the reason why our rehearsals last longer than usual. 

What are the future plans of the band? 
 After having released our second album „Erutan“, which we have recorded all by ourselves, we want to hit the stage again and play as many concerts as possible. The plan is, to make people with our live music happy. If you are interested in any gigs, just write us! We are easy to handle and willing to join every party! Besides, we are looking forward every day to get into our chilly room, in order to write new songs and spend some nice psychedelic evenings in there.

Additional words for the world out there?
Take your time and enjoy the real things worth living in life! Be pleased by the nature and listen to handmade music, escape the stress of our society and support music which comes from the heart.

Big thank's to Hubert for this support and check them out on their facebook page here!

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Jagged Vision
Stoner Metal/Hardcore
Rising from the west coast of Norway comes Jagged Vision. Embracing the rawness of 90s hardcore and combining it with the heavy riffing of stoner rock, Jagged Vision has set out to destroy. Since their start in 2010, there has been no genre limitations, no rules, and no boundaries. Jagged Vision is a product of raw heavy emotion which is what they try to communicate through their songs and live performances. Their debut album Harvest Earth was recorded at The Jam Room Recording Studio in Columbia, S.C. and was produced by Kylesa’s Phillip Cope. Harvest Earth is Retro Futurist’s second release, slated to come out in February, 2014.
Sharing stage with bands like Kvelertak, Purified in Blood, Orange Goblin and many more, Jagged Vision was named “a band to watch” by Metal hammer Norway, and “band of the week on one of Norway’s bigger radio stations, NRK P3.


"On the last European Tour of Kylesa these guys gave me a album to review it...until now it never happened. I can remember that Jagged Vision brought some new wind in the scene of sludge,stoner metal and also the members of Kylesa(founder of Retro Futurist Records) are confident. With their touch of hardcore metal and a cool and pressure show they could convince me. The album has been about one month in my car, accompanying me on my way, and i have to say at the beginning it was rather strange but in the end, it has convinced me.. That's truly really good shit!!" 

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